quinta-feira, 2 de fevereiro de 2012

São estes os próximos novos membros da UE.

Sobre a Ucrânia, lia isto:

"...I've seen an updated video by PETA (Germany) this morning, and the first thing you see is a dog in his death throes, writhing and foaming at the mouth - poisoned in front of passers-by in the street. No doubt no one would even look twice, and even less think to assist. It is mentality issue, first and foremost. And sadly, with the high level of corruption in such countries, things are not going to change in a hurry, and certainly far too late for these unfortunate animals. I hope I am wrong, but I fear I am not. Read the news whenever you want: an attack by a dog on a child always makes the front page, and everybody goes "Oh my God, the poor kid being mauled by such a BEAST". But when thousands, hundreds of thousands of strays are brutally massacred after a life of cruelty on the street, nobody even raises an eyebrow. Such is Human hypocracy. Such is the Human mistaken belief that only Human life counts. And it gets worse every day. There are more and more of us every day now, and such overpopulation, the lack of space, ressources, proper education for children, breeds brutality, indifference and selfishness. Towards each other, and certainly - and usually unpunished so - towards those who cannot fight back: the animals. Human society has made sure to withhold them proper rights to fend off the worst of this, quite intentionally so - for if people cannot legally abuse and murder each other, they need somewhere else to vent their lower instincts on. See: Hunters. Just as a example. The same sort now roams Ukrainian streets, butchering hapless dogs and cats - who will even approach their murderer with tail wagging, thinking a piece of rare food and kindness is offered them. No, the only beast that has ever walked this planet in milllions of years is man. Accept it. I, as Olga, would wish it otherwise. Not for us, but for the animals, who deserve compassion and kindness from the hand of man - who should know better - but receive only cruelty and death" ...

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