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"Truth about Pet Food, Spain"

Mas será que não existe nada em que possamos acreditar!?...

"The use of euthanized pets in pet food has been suspect for years. Now, Spain is in the middle of a full investigation that will finally prove the absolute worst horrors of pet food. It has been stated many of the pet foods involved “have international presence and some are among the most prominent of the animal feed industry.”

Last May, investigators found two warehouses in Spain that were being used as clandestine warehouses for storing the animal corpses. One contained 15 tons of dead animals, most of them dogs. Similar gruesome discoveries were made in other locations in Spain.

An investigation in Spain uncovered an underground network of criminals involved in feed manufacture, tanneries, animal shelters, kennels involved in a heinous practice of using the corpses of sick and abandoned animals in the production of pet food. At least 40 pet food and animal feed companies are involved, with some products sold internationally.

Officials in Spain uncovered an organized group involved in taking stray dogs, sick and abandoned pets from shelters, euthanized pets from veterinarians, diseased livestock, horses, zoo animals to be sold for making pet food and animal feed ingredients. At least eleven people are involved in the plot, which include transporters, tanneries and other companies linked to the animal world.

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Also, a great source of info about a pet food scandal you will find in a great book by Ann Martin "Food Pets Die For: Shocking Facts About Pet Food" -the first expos‚ of the shocking practices within the pet food manufacturing industry:

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Photo: Euthanized shelter pets used in a pet food industry.

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